Cattle and Crops update v0.1.0.5

In this update v0.1.0.5 we have further improved the employee. He should now start at the field edge with the first lane and not skip any lanes. The enhanced employee system with the headland function on the field will be released presumably next week in another update.

The saving should now also work with active employees. Some problems might occur though when the game is saved and the helper is in the middle of a turning maneuver. If you want to test saving with the employee it would be best if you use a new save game slot.

You can check out all changes, bug fixes and new features in our changelog as always.

One thought on “Cattle and Crops update v0.1.0.5

  • Dj Alex says:
    2018-02-09 at 15:57

    When it will release?

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