Cattle and Crop fix

With the task planning you can now also let the employee steer the chaff cutter. This means, a field can now also be harvested by the AI. However, there are still some possible situations where the player might have to help out. We are still working on the AI and hope to improve the employee to a degree in the next weeks, where he works autonomously, including headland, chopping and transport with multiple chasers. In our time lapse video you can see a summary of the development’s current state.
Further improvements, changes and fixes for bugs you have reported, can be found in the changelog as always.
We hope you have fun testing!


NEW The voxel calculations are transferred to different available CPU cores, thus preventing CPU spikes
NEW An employee can be assigned to the chaff cutter via the task menu. Fields can now be harvested by the AI
NEW The AI traffic has been equipped with lights (headlights, brake lights and turn indicator blinkers)
BUG FIX The driving behaviour of the chaser has been improved, driving in circles shouldn’t appear as often
BUG FIX The employee unloads completely again when at the silo
BUG FIX The Bressel und Lade silage shovel can be folded up and out again
BUG FIX The shovel of the front loader only gets filled, when there’s contact with the silage
BUG FIX The inverted steering with controllers in the internal perspective has been fixed
CHANGE The AI employee performs a headland again
CHANGE The driving behavior of the chaser has been reworked for the entry onto fields and the change of lanes on a field
CHANGE The front loader controls for analog controllers have been optimized. Mouse support will follow in one of the next updates
CHANGE Adjustment of the min acceleration with kinematic controllers. For instance, it shouldn’t happen any more that an unfolding animation takes two minutes
CHANGE The forced steering for the Stapel tank wagon is being deactivated when backing up
CHANGE Adjustment of the sound and the dust animation of the Orbis: the sound and the animation are now played when the fruit is being pulled into the cutting unit
CHANGE When the zoom factor is changed inside a vehicle cabin, it is now being saved, so you have the same zoom factor as before when entering the vehicle again
CHANGE The unload popup appears once for every shed and not for every single feeding trough
CHANGE The graphics option for adjusting brightness has been reworked

Source: cnc official website

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